Minutes. Executive Meeting. Olympia. 2016

European Association for the Philosophy of Sport

International Olympic Academy, Olympia, Greece

21th September 2016

Present: Andrew Edgar, Ivo Jirasek, Emanuel Hurych, Francisco Javier Lopez Frias, Jose Luis Perez Triviño

Apologies:  Arno Muller, Ron Welters, Teresa Lacerda, Emily Ryall.

  1. Minutes of previous meetings at Nancy and Sunderland were signed as a true
  1. Matters arising

There were no matters arising

  1. Reports for the period 2015-2016

 3.1 President’s Report

The president talked about the previous EAPS meetings held in Nancy and Sunderland.

3.2  Treasurer’s Report was submitted

The Association currently has a positive balance of €498.81.  Fees from Nancy have not yet been received. Bernard Andrieu sent an email asking for the details of EAPS bank account to make a bank transfer shortly.

  1. EAPS Conference 2017

The organization of the conference was the main topic of the meeting. The members present at the meeting talked to Ron Welters via Skype to discuss specific details of the conference. Everybody liked Welters’ proposal and supported the organization of the conference in Nijmegen on April 24-26. The executive members thanked Ron Welters for his work and encouraged him to keep working with the view of having a call for papers and a tentative program before the end of October.

  1. 5th Czech Philosophy of Sport Conference

Ivo Jirasek and Emanuel Hurych presented the 5th Czech Philosophy of Sport Conference that will take place at the Faculty of Physical Culture in Olomouc, on October 13th-14th. To invite all EAPS members, Lopez Frias posted the call for papers on the EAPS website: http://philosophyofsport.eu/5th-czech-philosophy-of-sport-conference/

  1. Possibility of meeting every year

The president raised the possibility of taking advantage of some academic event every year to put together a philosophy of sport panel with members of EAPS. Jose Luis Perez Triviño offered the possibility of hosting the event in 2018 in Barcelona during the celebration of the annual conference on Sport Governance organized by the Spanish Association for the Philosophy of Sport and the Pompeu Fabra University.

  1. Any other business

The possibility of re-organizing the website in a different way was brought up by Ivo and Emanuel. They said that the news section should make clearer the types of events that we are advertising, for example, by splitting it into subcategories like “call for papers,” “conferences,” and “workshops.” Lopez Frias agreed with them on the need to make some changes on the website and encouraged all the participants, as well as all EAPS members, to send him all the information they have about academic events related to the philosophy of sport in Europe.