III Sport and Global Governance Conference






The third edition of the Sport and Global Governance Conference will take place on May 8-9 at the Pompeu Fabra University Ciutadella’s Campus.

It is open to all students, professors, and professionals interested in analyzing the ethical, philosophical, legal and/or moral problems of sports.

It is a two-day conference in which there will be three keynotes and a workshop given by recognized professionals and professors on the main theme of the Conference. In addition, there will be several panels where the accepted papers will be presented. The final conference program will be available soon on the website of the event: https://eventum.upf.edu/event_detail/7618/detail/iii-sport-and-global-governance-conference.html

This year’s central theme is Gender & Sport.

We encourage everyone to take part in it and to submit their paper.

Deadline for abstract submission: April 20, 2017. Email for submissions: gge.filodret@upf.edu.