Corpografías: percepción, presencia, tecnologías para la escena contemporánea europea

Orig. Anun. UIMP 2010



Valencia, 15-17th October 2014
Corpographies: Perception, Presence and Technologies for the Contemporary European Scene

By analyzing contemporary dance choreography, this course aims to think about the body in a new way emerging from the relationship between perception and technology. Focusing on this relationship gives weight to the notion that presence is an extension of the performer’s perception.

The dynamics of the meeting between perception and technology focuses on a new way of relating Europe-wide practices and theories with a rationale that traverses all disciplines and creates a close tie between composition practices and a new theory of stage esthetics. To that end, the aims of the present seminar include:

a)- Renewing studies related to humanities (which includes the performance arts).

b)- Demonstrating that technology is a way to allow the performer to gain greater awareness of the potential of his or her body.

c)- Defining the perimeters of a new “philosophy of the body”, created from the relationships between performance arts, esthetics and neurophysiology.

d)- Guiding the renewal of methodology and knowledge of performance arts studies in order to define innovative and didactic tools for study and analysis.

e)- Connecting the areas of training, creation and new public awareness for performance arts.

f)- Spreading the methodologies and results of the relationship both nationally and internationally in order to identify new ways to apply them along with new developments in research.