Minutes: EXECUTIVE MEETING EAPS 25-4-2017 (Nijmegen)

List of Participants

Andrew Edgar; Arno Müller;  Lev Kreft; Francisco Javier López Frías; Ron Welters

Members of the Executive Committee not present at the meeting

Irena Parry; Teresa Lacerda; Ivo Jirasek; Emily Ryall; Mila Hosta; Nils Baratella; Bernard Andrieu; José Luis Pérez Triviño; Emanuel Hurych.


a) We discussed the possibility of holding the 2020 EAPS-BAPS conference in Paris. Bernard Andrieu would be the organizer of the conference.

b) Arno Müller gave an update on the state of EAPS finances. Arno confirmed that Bernard Andrieu’s payment for the 2014 EAPS-BAPS conference has been received and gave the executive board details about the balance of the EAPS bank account.

c) Related to the financial statement, Arno Müller raised two questions. One had to do with what to do with the funds in the bank account. He proposed the creation of student travel grants to attend the next EAPS-BAPS meeting. The other question was related to methods to formalize a €5-10 annual payment for members. This would help EAPS become a stronger organization and have a better system to define who the members of the Association are. Arno suggested that money transfers through PayPal would be the best way to collect the money.

d) Lev Kreft proposed to use the mailing lists of the last three EAPS conferences (Prague, Nancy, and Nijmegen) to create our mailing list.

e) Arno Müller suggested that the payment for the domain and website should be transferred to somebody else. Javi López offered to be in charge of making the payment through his bank account.

f) The current executive board was reelected.

g) We congratulated Ron Welters for the organization of the 2017 EAPS-BAPS in Nijmegen.