Keynote Speakers. 2017 BPSA/EAPS Conference

Marjet Derks & Ivo van Hilvoorde: ‘Sport in the low lands’  ; panel discussion 

Marjet Derks

I specialize in the social and cultural history of sport, body cultures, in relation to questions of inclusion and exclusion. Current projects pertain to sport and gender, race, migration, and national/local identity. I am project leader of Sport, Identity and Modernity.

Ivo van Hilvoorde

is assistant professor at the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and lecturer at the School of Human Movement & Sport (Windesheim, Zwolle). He lectures in Philosophy of Human Movement Sciences, Philosophy of Sport and Sport & Society. In his research he combines philosophical, sociological and historical perspectives on sport, with special interest in the relations between sport and (bio)technology, the ethics of doping, human enhancement and (the history of) fitness. He wrote in JPS on sport philosophy in Belgium & The Netherlands:

Often cited article (SEP):   Disability or Extraordinary Talent—Francesco Lentini (Three Legs) Versus Oscar Pistorius (No Legs)

Recently also special edition on Sport & Play in a Digital World in SEP:


Keynote 2 : Marc van den Bossche: ‘Sport, Philosophy and Enduring life’, discussion 

Marc Van Den Bossche (1960)

is a full-time professor at the Department of Philosophy and Moral Sciences at the VUB. He is the author of ‘Kritiek van de technische rede’ (‘Critique of technical reason’) (Leuven/Utrecht, 1995), ‘Natuur en lijfelijkheid’ (‘Nature and Embodiment/Physicality’) (Utrecht, 1998), ‘Ironie en solidariteit. Een kennismaking met het werk van Richard Rorty’ (‘Irony and Solidarity: An introduction to the work of Richard Rorty’) (Rotterdam, 2001), and ‘Het pathos van het denken’ (‘The Pathos of Thinking’). He also wrote essays on subjectivity and intersubjectivity (Budel, 2003) and two bestsellers: ‘Wielrennen’ (‘Cycling’) and ‘Sport als levenskunst’ (‘Sports as an art of living’) (Rotterdam, 2005 and 2010). He is the editor and co-editor of book volumes on Rorty, Arendt, Fukuyama and several topics within the history of philosophy. His recent research focuses on the ‘digital arts’, in particular the ontology of photography. Marc Van den Bossche’s publications


Keynote 3: Mike McNamee / Andrew Edgar  

Mike McNamee

“I have lectured for 30+ years working in the fields of education, leisure, medicine, sport, and engineering. I have a dual background in sports (BA, MA) and philosophy (MA, PhD) and have specialised in applied ethics in these fields over the last 20 years. My work ranges from theoretical scholarship to very applied work, with organizations who care about the ethical aims and standards of their practice. I have assisted, consulted and/or researched for a large number of organisations including the European Commission, the FA, UCI, UKAD, UK Sport, UNESCO, UNODC, and WADA. I am Chair of the South Wales Police, Independent Ethics Committee, and have also volunteered services as an expert ethicist to the National Health Service, UK since 2005. I have authored more than 100 articles and essays in learned journals and academic texts, and have edited or authored 16 books. I am regularly invited to speak at international conferences on ethical issues and my most current area of interest is in the ethical issues arising in the the contexts of sport, integrity, disability and technology; and the ethics of direct to consumer genetic testing for athletic talent. My most recent books are “Sport, Medicine, Ethics (Routledge, 2014), and Handbook of the Philosophy of Sport (with Bill Morgan, Routledge, 2015) and I am currently working with Dr Sylvia Camporesi on a new book “Genetics, Bioethics and Sport” (Routledge, 2016). “


Andrew Edgar

is the editor  in chief of Sport, Ethics and Philosophy and the president of the European Association for the Philosophy of Sport. His research interests cover twentieth century German philosophy and applied philosophy. His doctoral studies concerned Adorno’s aesthetics and sociology of culture, and he has continued to publish work on Adorno (and especially Adorno’s musicology). He has now turned his attention to the later generation of Frankfurt thinkers, and is writing a monograph on Jürgen Habermas. In addition to this interest in German philosophy, he has, during his time at Cardiff, been involved in a number of European Commission funded research projects, that have looked as various problems in the field of bioethics. The issues covered have included the role of health related quality of life measures in the allocation of health care; the virtues of the chronically ill; and currently the nature of dignity in the treatment of the elderly. He also has an active interest in the philosophy of sport. Recently he has been working on sport and hermeneutics.