EAPS Minutes

European Association for the Philosophy of Sport

University of Sunderland

13th April 2015


Apologies:  Arno Müller; Francisco Javier López Frías

 1. Minutes of previous meetings at Nancy and Prague were signed as a true record.

 2. Matters arising

There were no matters arising

 3. Reports for the period 2015-2015

 3.1 President’s report

3.1.1  The president reported on the development of the website, and commended Francisco Javier López Frías on his work.  The website is an excellent compendium for news of forthcoming events, in both English and Spanish.

It is hoped that the website can be further developed, following discussions in Prague, not least by providing space for the submission of work in progress papers.  Members were encouraged to submit papers, and to encourage colleagues and especially students to do likewise.  Papers can be in any European language (although an English abstract would be appreciated).  A link can be made to Google Translate in order to provide rough and ready translations.

3.1.2 Proposals to hold a meeting in association with ECSS 20015 at Malmo were unsuccessful.  The ECSS conferences are thought to be too expensive to attach many EAPS members.

The ECSS 2016 conference will be held in Vienna.  The present agreed to contact the organisers, to see if a one-day themed conference could be held in association with the ECSS conference.  EAPS members would be able to attend this satellite conference without having to register for the main ECSS conference.  ECSS delegates would have free access to the EAPS event.  A suggested theme for the EAPS event was sport and the outdoors (with an invitation between extended to Ivo Jirásek and his team to lead on this).  The additional theme of women and sport was proposed by Sylvia Camporesi.

 3.2  Treasurer’s Report was submitted

The Association currently has a positive balance of €498.81.  Fees from Nancy have not yet been received, and the treasurer is pursuing this matter.

 4. BPSA Conference 2016

It was noted that the conference will be held in Brighton UK

 5. EAPS Conference 2017

An offer to host the 2017 conference in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, was accepted.

It was noted that attendance at BPSA/EAPS conferences may be affected by the location of IAPS.  IAPS will be in Greece in 2016 so is unlikely to be in Europe in 2017.

 6. Any other business