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Minutes: EXECUTIVE MEETING EAPS 25-4-2017 (Nijmegen)

List of Participants

Andrew Edgar; Arno Müller;  Lev Kreft; Francisco Javier López Frías; Ron Welters

Members of the Executive Committee not present at the meeting

Irena Parry; Teresa Lacerda; Ivo Jirasek; Emily Ryall; Mila Hosta; Nils Baratella; Bernard Andrieu; José Luis Pérez Triviño; Emanuel Hurych.


a) We discussed the possibility of holding the 2020 EAPS-BAPS conference in Paris. Bernard Andrieu would be the organizer of the conference.

b) Arno Müller gave an update on the state of EAPS finances. Arno confirmed that Bernard Andrieu’s payment for the 2014 EAPS-BAPS conference has been received and gave the executive board details about the balance of the EAPS bank account.

c) Related to the financial statement, Arno Müller raised two questions. One had to do with what to do with the funds in the bank account. He proposed the creation of student travel grants to attend the next EAPS-BAPS meeting. The other question was related to methods to formalize a €5-10 annual payment for members. This would help EAPS become a stronger organization and have a better system to define who the members of the Association are. Arno suggested that money transfers through PayPal would be the best way to collect the money.

d) Lev Kreft proposed to use the mailing lists of the last three EAPS conferences (Prague, Nancy, and Nijmegen) to create our mailing list.

e) Arno Müller suggested that the payment for the domain and website should be transferred to somebody else. Javi López offered to be in charge of making the payment through his bank account.

f) The current executive board was reelected.

g) We congratulated Ron Welters for the organization of the 2017 EAPS-BAPS in Nijmegen.


Call for papers: Special Issue: “The emergence of e-sports: Challenges and Opportunities.” Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy

Special Issue: “The emergence of e-sports: Challenges and Opportunities.”

Editors: José Luis Pérez Triviño and Francisco Javier López Frías

An article in TIME Magazine regarded the emergence of e-Sports as one of the most profound and challenging advances in contemporary sport culture.  E-sports constitute a social phenomenon that brings together millions of players and has become a business of enormous proportions.  As a consequence of the increasing relevance and success of e-sports, a debate has been raised within international sport organizations on the recognition of e-sports not only as real sports but also as Olympic sports.  This raises important questions within the philosophy of sport, especially related to the ontological nature of both e-sports and sports.  However, the debate on the ontology of e-sports does not exhaust the possibilities of the philosophical debate on e-sports.  Issues related to the governance of e-sports competitions, the organization of e-sports institutions, and the relationship between e-sports and human nature, among others, are relevant as well.

This special issue of Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy is dedicated to the main conceptual, philosophical, moral and legal questions that are being raised by the development of e-sports in the context of sport and physical education.  We invite scholars to submit papers for this special issue. The following topics and question could be addressed in more detail:

– E-sports and the definition of sport.

–  Ethical issues within e-sports competitions. Doping, match-fixing, cheating, etc.

–  E-sports and sport aesthetics.

–  E-sports and the interpretation of sporting rules.

–  E-sports competitions and institutions. Ethics and good governance.

–  E-sports and anthropology (the sporting body in a digital environment).

–  E-sports and new technologies. A new sport paradigm?

–  E-sports and legal issues: the creation of associations, the legal forms of e-sports clubs, the structure of e-sports competitions, and the legal status of e-sports players.

Those interested in contributing with a manuscript to the special issue, please, submit a tentative title and a brief abstract for review (500 words) to the editors.

For further questions and inquiries, contact: Jose Luis Perez ( and Francisco Javier López (

Abstract deadline: July 18, 2017.

Notification of abstract acceptance by August 9, 2017.

Full manuscript Deadline: September 31, 2017.

Length: 6,000-8,000 words (inclusive of references and notes).

Further information about the journal:

Instructions for authors:

Download the call for papers

EAPS. Elections for Officers. Deadline. April 21

My EAPS members,

We are due to have elections for the officers of the Association this year, so the following posts will be elected at our AGM in Nijmegen: President, Vice-President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, and Non-Delegate Members.  If you would be interested in filling any of these posts, or if there is someone you wish to proposes, please submit a name and contact details to the EAPS Secretary before midnight 21st April.  Existing office holders are allowed to be submitted for a further term.

Provisional schedule and book of abstracts

Dear participants,

Find here the schedule and book of abstracts of the 2017 EAPS/BPSA conference in Nijmegen (April 24th – 26th). A printed version will be provided at the conference. A printed version will be provided at the conference.

Just as a reminder: please, prepare for a 20-minute presentation, which will be followed by 15 minutes of discussion with the audience.

For traveling directions, please, visit the website of the Conference Venue:


III Sport and Global Governance Conference






The third edition of the Sport and Global Governance Conference will take place on May 8-9 at the Pompeu Fabra University Ciutadella’s Campus.

It is open to all students, professors, and professionals interested in analyzing the ethical, philosophical, legal and/or moral problems of sports.

It is a two-day conference in which there will be three keynotes and a workshop given by recognized professionals and professors on the main theme of the Conference. In addition, there will be several panels where the accepted papers will be presented. The final conference program will be available soon on the website of the event:

This year’s central theme is Gender & Sport.

We encourage everyone to take part in it and to submit their paper.

Deadline for abstract submission: April 20, 2017. Email for submissions:


Keynote Speakers. 2017 BPSA/EAPS Conference

Marjet Derks & Ivo van Hilvoorde: ‘Sport in the low lands’  ; panel discussion 

Marjet Derks

I specialize in the social and cultural history of sport, body cultures, in relation to questions of inclusion and exclusion. Current projects pertain to sport and gender, race, migration, and national/local identity. I am project leader of Sport, Identity and Modernity.

Ivo van Hilvoorde

is assistant professor at the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and lecturer at the School of Human Movement & Sport (Windesheim, Zwolle). He lectures in Philosophy of Human Movement Sciences, Philosophy of Sport and Sport & Society. In his research he combines philosophical, sociological and historical perspectives on sport, with special interest in the relations between sport and (bio)technology, the ethics of doping, human enhancement and (the history of) fitness. He wrote in JPS on sport philosophy in Belgium & The Netherlands:

Often cited article (SEP):   Disability or Extraordinary Talent—Francesco Lentini (Three Legs) Versus Oscar Pistorius (No Legs)

Recently also special edition on Sport & Play in a Digital World in SEP:


Keynote 2 : Marc van den Bossche: ‘Sport, Philosophy and Enduring life’, discussion 

Marc Van Den Bossche (1960)

is a full-time professor at the Department of Philosophy and Moral Sciences at the VUB. He is the author of ‘Kritiek van de technische rede’ (‘Critique of technical reason’) (Leuven/Utrecht, 1995), ‘Natuur en lijfelijkheid’ (‘Nature and Embodiment/Physicality’) (Utrecht, 1998), ‘Ironie en solidariteit. Een kennismaking met het werk van Richard Rorty’ (‘Irony and Solidarity: An introduction to the work of Richard Rorty’) (Rotterdam, 2001), and ‘Het pathos van het denken’ (‘The Pathos of Thinking’). He also wrote essays on subjectivity and intersubjectivity (Budel, 2003) and two bestsellers: ‘Wielrennen’ (‘Cycling’) and ‘Sport als levenskunst’ (‘Sports as an art of living’) (Rotterdam, 2005 and 2010). He is the editor and co-editor of book volumes on Rorty, Arendt, Fukuyama and several topics within the history of philosophy. His recent research focuses on the ‘digital arts’, in particular the ontology of photography. Marc Van den Bossche’s publications


Keynote 3: Mike McNamee / Andrew Edgar  

Mike McNamee

“I have lectured for 30+ years working in the fields of education, leisure, medicine, sport, and engineering. I have a dual background in sports (BA, MA) and philosophy (MA, PhD) and have specialised in applied ethics in these fields over the last 20 years. My work ranges from theoretical scholarship to very applied work, with organizations who care about the ethical aims and standards of their practice. I have assisted, consulted and/or researched for a large number of organisations including the European Commission, the FA, UCI, UKAD, UK Sport, UNESCO, UNODC, and WADA. I am Chair of the South Wales Police, Independent Ethics Committee, and have also volunteered services as an expert ethicist to the National Health Service, UK since 2005. I have authored more than 100 articles and essays in learned journals and academic texts, and have edited or authored 16 books. I am regularly invited to speak at international conferences on ethical issues and my most current area of interest is in the ethical issues arising in the the contexts of sport, integrity, disability and technology; and the ethics of direct to consumer genetic testing for athletic talent. My most recent books are “Sport, Medicine, Ethics (Routledge, 2014), and Handbook of the Philosophy of Sport (with Bill Morgan, Routledge, 2015) and I am currently working with Dr Sylvia Camporesi on a new book “Genetics, Bioethics and Sport” (Routledge, 2016). “


Andrew Edgar

is the editor  in chief of Sport, Ethics and Philosophy and the president of the European Association for the Philosophy of Sport. His research interests cover twentieth century German philosophy and applied philosophy. His doctoral studies concerned Adorno’s aesthetics and sociology of culture, and he has continued to publish work on Adorno (and especially Adorno’s musicology). He has now turned his attention to the later generation of Frankfurt thinkers, and is writing a monograph on Jürgen Habermas. In addition to this interest in German philosophy, he has, during his time at Cardiff, been involved in a number of European Commission funded research projects, that have looked as various problems in the field of bioethics. The issues covered have included the role of health related quality of life measures in the allocation of health care; the virtues of the chronically ill; and currently the nature of dignity in the treatment of the elderly. He also has an active interest in the philosophy of sport. Recently he has been working on sport and hermeneutics.

2017 BPSA/EAPS Conference. Call for Abstracts. Deadline extension


 2017 BPSA/EAPS Conference: Announcement and Call for Abstracts

British Philosophy of Sport Association & European Association for the Philosophy of Sport

2017 Conference

Hosted by Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands, April 24th-26th, 2017


Conference Centre De Poort

We will also visit

Radboud University Nijmegen

Dutch Bicyle Centre


Guidelines for Abstract Submission:

  • Abstract (200-300 words) final submission date – 13th APRIL 2017
  • Accepted abstracts will receive notification by – 15st APRIL 2017
  • Required format is MS Word, Times New Roman 12pt, single spacing, with indicative bibliography; all to fit on one side of A4.
  • Abstracts to be submitted electronically to with <your name – ABSTRACT – title> as the filename.
  • Papers must be prepared in English. The Programme Committee are very keen to encourage contributors to submit early versions of abstracts or papers for comment and for advice on language issues.

Conference Registration and Fees:

 The conference fee will be approx. 300/350euro (depending on room type & all inclusive: 2 overnight stays including breakfast; two buffet dinners (incl. vegetarian options); three lunches (idem) and free coffee, tea, fruit and biscuit during the conference). Arriving on Sunday and/or leaving on Thursday is 45/70 euro extra per night (depending on type of room, incl. breakfast).

Registration (including hotel reservation) via Conference Centre De Poort. Payment at arrival.


  • Final papers may be considered for publication in a range of journals associated in various ways with BPSA and its members, in accordance with normal submission guidelines, e.g: Sport, Ethics and Philosophy; Journal of the Philosophy of Sport; Acta Universitatis CarolinaeKinanthropologica; Filosofie & Praktijk etc.


  • Nearest Airport: Weeze (Germany)
  • Eindhoven Airport
  • Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Nijmegen Central Station


Call for papers


Minutes. Executive Meeting. Olympia. 2016

European Association for the Philosophy of Sport

International Olympic Academy, Olympia, Greece

21th September 2016

Present: Andrew Edgar, Ivo Jirasek, Emanuel Hurych, Francisco Javier Lopez Frias, Jose Luis Perez Triviño

Apologies:  Arno Muller, Ron Welters, Teresa Lacerda, Emily Ryall.

  1. Minutes of previous meetings at Nancy and Sunderland were signed as a true
  1. Matters arising

There were no matters arising

  1. Reports for the period 2015-2016

 3.1 President’s Report

The president talked about the previous EAPS meetings held in Nancy and Sunderland.

3.2  Treasurer’s Report was submitted

The Association currently has a positive balance of €498.81.  Fees from Nancy have not yet been received. Bernard Andrieu sent an email asking for the details of EAPS bank account to make a bank transfer shortly.

  1. EAPS Conference 2017

The organization of the conference was the main topic of the meeting. The members present at the meeting talked to Ron Welters via Skype to discuss specific details of the conference. Everybody liked Welters’ proposal and supported the organization of the conference in Nijmegen on April 24-26. The executive members thanked Ron Welters for his work and encouraged him to keep working with the view of having a call for papers and a tentative program before the end of October.

  1. 5th Czech Philosophy of Sport Conference

Ivo Jirasek and Emanuel Hurych presented the 5th Czech Philosophy of Sport Conference that will take place at the Faculty of Physical Culture in Olomouc, on October 13th-14th. To invite all EAPS members, Lopez Frias posted the call for papers on the EAPS website:

  1. Possibility of meeting every year

The president raised the possibility of taking advantage of some academic event every year to put together a philosophy of sport panel with members of EAPS. Jose Luis Perez Triviño offered the possibility of hosting the event in 2018 in Barcelona during the celebration of the annual conference on Sport Governance organized by the Spanish Association for the Philosophy of Sport and the Pompeu Fabra University.

  1. Any other business

The possibility of re-organizing the website in a different way was brought up by Ivo and Emanuel. They said that the news section should make clearer the types of events that we are advertising, for example, by splitting it into subcategories like “call for papers,” “conferences,” and “workshops.” Lopez Frias agreed with them on the need to make some changes on the website and encouraged all the participants, as well as all EAPS members, to send him all the information they have about academic events related to the philosophy of sport in Europe.

Fair Play. Special Issue: Colin Kaepernick. Is He a Moral Entrepreneur? On the Role Athletes Play in the Public Sphere


fair play

Fair Play. Special Issue:  Colin Kaepernick. Is He a Moral Entrepreneur? On the Role Athletes Play in the Public Sphere

PDF: special-issue-fair-play-2

Deadline for submissions: April 30, 2017.

Publication Date: June 2017.

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, English.

 Fair Play. Journal of Philosophy, Ethics and Sports Law is an electronic journal devoted to the analysis of sport from the point of view of the philosophy, ethics and the theoretical-legal perspective. Besides the philosophical concern, the journal will accept works coming from the legal field given the obvious connections that arise in many occasions with philosophical issues. The journal is directed mainly to researchers, professional and advanced students. It has a biannual periodicity, and his issues will be published in April and October.

 Journal of the Latin Association for the Philosophy of Sport (ALFiD). Indexed in DOAJ and CiteFactor.

 Call for papers

At the beginning of a pre-season match between San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers, Colin Kaepernick, quarterback of the team from San Francisco, decided not to stand for the flag during the pre-match event, where both the national anthem and flag are honored by the participants in the athletic event. Kaepernick’s decision was motivated by several cases of police violence against members of the Afro-American community occurred some days before the match. To emphasize and call attention to an unfair situation that outraged him, Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem. To justify his action, he said: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

 Colin Kaepernick’s act of protest resembles those of other black athletes like Tommy Smith and John Carlos and Mohammed Ali. All of them attempted to raise critical awareness on the racism in American society, but at the same time, other interesting philosophical questions emerged. One such philosophical question is the role athletes play in the public sphere given that they are admired and celebrated public figures. Such a question is at the core of the debate on whether or not athletes are role models. A debate that ties with broader questions like the relationship between politics and sports, and the value and status of sport in society.

 Fair Play aims to publish a special issue around Colin Kaepernick’s act of protest that discusses some of the issues mentioned above. In doing so, the editors of such a special issue would like to invite all those who want to participate in the issue to submit a work related to the Kaepernick case. Some of the topics to address are the following:

 The moral and social responsibility of athletes

  • Athletes as role models
  • The relationship between politics and sports
  • The pedagogical and moral aspects of sport
  • Acts of protest and civil disobedience in sport

Instructions for authors


Jose Luis Perez Triviño (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona) (

Francisco Javier Lopez Frias (Pennsylvania State University, USA) (

Alberto Carrio Sampedro (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona) (


5th Czech Philosophy of Sport Conference

5th Czech Philosophy of Sport Conference

You are cordially invited to the 5th Czech Philosophy of Sport Conference which will take place at the Faculty of Physical Culture in Olomouc, on October 13th-14th, 2016, under the auspices of the Philosophy of Sport Section of the Czech Kinanthropological Society (PSS/CKS), together with the European Association for the Philosophy of Sport. We invite colleagues from PSS/CKS, BPSA, EAPS, IAPS to participate. If you intend to attend, please let us know:


Find further information here: prvni-oznameni